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Robert Newberry is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and currently works in a behavioral health clinic several days per week and manages a private practice. He is a retired public school guidance counselor who was able to create a variety of innovative programs in his school district focusing on helping young people achieve in spite of the personal challenges they encountered.  Some refer to this as helping children develop resilience, or grit.


Heading 3

The success of these efforts led to the creation with family members of ReBrilliance, LLC. For 12 years, Bob collaborated with numerous school districts   and community organizations with this same focus, helping young people achieve and excel in spite of their personal adversities. This work was done in multiple states, primarily in rural and urban areas. The work involved program and curriculum development, program implementation, consultation and professional development. The common thread throughout was helping children achieve and excel in spite of the personal adversities they encountered.

In response to numerous requests, Bob started to present and communicate with parents about how to more successfully raise their children. This led to an extensive subscription based newsletter for parents and the writing of the original Green Beans book. Bob has lectured at national and state professional conferences.  He has provided seminar and professional development opportunities to schools and community organizations.


Since retiring, Bob has focused on his mental health work and writing about raising successful children. He remains very concerned about the diminished importance of the institution of family. He is married to his high school girl friend, Mary Jo, for 48 years.  Together they have raised three wonderful adult children.  With their spouses, their children have enabled Bob and Mary Jo to brag about their 10 grandchildren.

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